The following is a list of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: Where is the Recovery Emporium's physical location? From what location does my order ship?

A: The Recovery Emporium is located at the following address:
Recovery Emporium
708 Division Street
Parkersburg, WV 26101
United States

Q: When will my order ship?

The Recovery Emporium crew does their very best to ship all (non-customized) orders within 24-hours of receiving the order. Orders received after 3 PM Eastern Standard time on Friday will be shipped the next business day (for example on Monday). Orders that require specialization or customized services such as engraved medallions, plaques, etc. may require additional time due to the additional time required to create your item(s). If your order does not require customization, then you can expect it to be shipped out within 24-hours.

Q: Why didn't my order arrive within 24-hours?

A: The Recovery Emporium crew does their very best to ship all orders within 24-hours of receiving the order. This will not mean that your item will be arriving within 24-hours.
The time that your order takes to arrive at your home will vary based on your location, the date or day of the week, and the time that your order is placed (please read below).

Q: Why does an online store have store hours listed on their website? Can I not make a purchase anytime?

A: Our store hours are Monday through Friday 9 am - 4 pm EST. This information is provided simply to indicate when you can reach our customer support team by phone during this time. Our website is available 24 hours a day and 7 days per week. We also provide our store hours to help our customers gain a better understanding of our shipping policies. For example, orders placed on Friday after 3 pm through Sunday at midnight are filled on Monday morning upon arriving at the shop. Our store hours have been determined by a number of reasons, but the primary factor is simply that our mail service (pickup) is only available Monday through Friday. In some cases, we have taken an item directly to the USPS offices, but it did not necessarily indicate that the package arrived more quickly to our customer.

Q: Can you please explain the shipping services that you offer?

A: We primarily ship USPS Ground Advantage and Priority Mail. Please keep in mind, that there is no replacement for planning. It is best practice to complete your orders a minimum of one week to 10 days prior to a deadline to allow for the possibility of human error, an unavoidable occurrence when shopping online. The Recovery Emporium has made good friends with the postal service, however, we still do not receive any type of priority over any other business when it comes to lost packages, speed of delivery, etc.

Please visit the USPS website for more information.
When ordering from RecoveryShop, you may choose from one of the following options:

Priority Mail - 2-3 business days depending on where your package is being sent. Your package will start its journey in Parkersburg, West Virginia.

Ground Advantage - 2-5 business days - Recovery Shop orders being sent to the West Coast (especially true for those orders shipped to the western coastal cities/states) may use the full 5 days. However, orders sent to cities/states on the East Coast have arrived as soon as 2-days after placing an order. This is not always the case and the time of delivery will vary depending on the weather conditions, carrier availability, and other issues not related to the actions of the Recovery Shop.

International Shipping - If we are currently able to ship to your country, Items will ship from our shop within 24 hours of receiving the order if we have the stock available. However, the delivery times will vary based on your location. There are also times when our packages have been collected and held up by the United States (or the receiving country's) Customs and/or Border Patrol services.

The European Union (EU), a group of 27 countries including Germany and France, will be implementing new trade rules for U.S. sellers beginning July 1, 2021. The EU has modified the Value-Added Tax (VAT) – a tax on goods and services bought and delivered to the EU countries.
Packages will be delivered Delivery Duty Unpaid, meaning the buyer must pay VAT and potential additional customs clearance fees before the shipping carrier will release their package.

NOTE: While we can guarantee that your order will be shipped from our location within a timely manner; we cannot guarantee what happens once your order leaves our shop. If you experience any difficulties with your delivery, please contact us. We will gladly help to advocate for you with the United States Postal Service. If an item is lost or stolen, please do not hesitate to email ( or call (1-888-798-3496) the shop. We will work with you to help to ensure that you are satisfied with your shopping experience.

Q: How much will the shipping cost?

A: Shipping costs are based on the weight of items with allowances for typical packaging material weights as well as the size of the package and the distance to the destination.
Q: How can I get my order quicker?

If your order is a very small order it will be shipped via Ground Advantage ( 2 to 5 working days typical ) unless Priority Mail ( 2 to 3 days ) is selected during checkout.

If you must have your order arrive faster...

The ONLY OPTION AVAILABLE at this time is:
Typical charges may range from $30.00 to $90.00 depending on package weight, size, and distance.
**** We do not use UPS typically for this reason and that it is not a convenient option for us - WE MUST PHYSICALLY TAKE THE PACKAGE TO THE UPS CENTER OURSELVES which is only open from 4 to 6 PM - Monday through Friday. However, we may make exceptions in certain cases.
Customers must understand and agree to any and all charges for overnight shipments prior to our taking packages to UPS.
You may contact us via email at (
or call Toll Free 1-888-798-3496 to arrange for this exception.

Q: Can you further explain your policies related to international or out-of-country shipping?

A: The information below may vary with regard to the additional costs, as well as, the time frame. We cannot track shipping outside of the U.S. nor do we have any control over the actions of US Customs or any other form of governing body related to the shipping of items past the borders of the United States. Customs may take action that leads to your order taking longer than expected. We have also experienced a few rare instances where a customer's order was taken and then never released by Customs. This is the exception rather than the rule, and something that we will work with you on an individual basis. We reserve the right to cancel an order if the costs of shipping (reshipping) exceed that of our potential earnings for a sale.
Here is some additional information on our International Shipping Options:

First Class Mail International - Packages are under 4 pounds - packages arrive in approximately 2-3 weeks depending on the location of the receiver.
Priority Mail International - Packages generally arrive in 6-10 days to most countries and about 3-weeks to Australia.

Shipping costs are generally calculated by weight and not specific to area. * We reserve the right to adjust shipping costs due to location. * We ship through USPS and go by their shipping metrics but we do our best to keep shipping costs reasonable. :)

International Packages will be delivered Delivery Duty Unpaid, meaning the buyer must pay VAT and potential additional customs clearance fees before the shipping carrier will release their package.
We are Not responsible for any additional value-added taxes or duties. This is not something that is unique to Recovery Emporium, but something that is included in many companies' international shipping policies.
Please be aware that we are not responsible for the actions taken by Customs. Recovery Shop will gladly work with you on the matter, but as a matter of course we reserve the right to respond to each case on an individual basis. This is often the best course of action when there is so much room for variance between each order.