About Our Company - RecoveryShop
Low price leader providing products for recovery communities worldwide since 1998.

In the beginning, was the word - er - dictionary.

First printed in November 1998 The Little Book Big Book Dictionary marked the culmination of over three years of work and has been updated in the subsequent years. Hundreds of thousands have been distributed since 1998. We continue to distribute over 800 copies weekly.

Late 1999 - The Recovery Emporium website which had been in existence since 1998 was purchased.
After many changes and additions through the years, it was necessary to create recoveryshop.com as our shopping site. Recovery Emporium was later Incorporated and then Recovery Shop is thus a subsidiary of Recovery Emporium Inc.

We are Lyle P. (Sobriety date: 2/8/83) and Theresa P. (Sobriety date: 4/19/95) and our four employees who are also active fellowship members. Together we represent over 100 years of sobriety!
Our current (2023) average daily order rate is over 100 orders. We routinely stock over 250,000 medallions and nearly 4,000 books among our massive stock of recovery-related items, and make every attempt to ship your order the very same day we receive it!

We know recovery circles and their needs firsthand. Our aim is to responsibly serve those needs with integrity and fairness.

Mailing Address & Physical Address: 708 Division Street Parkersburg, WV 26101
Call Toll Free - USA & Canada: 1- 888 - 798 - 3496
Direct - Not Toll Free: 1 + Area Code (304) 424-3496 or (304) 428-0318
Fax Number on Request
Hours: Monday - Friday 9 AM - 4:00 PM Eastern Time
Email: [email protected]


Amy H. - General Manager, Website Maintenance & Photography, Inventory Management, Order Processing

Amber J. - Office Manager, Accounts Receivable, Customer Service, Order Packing, Processing & Shipping

Tom G. - Customer Service, Laser & Engraver Operations, Inventory Management

Amanda D. - Customer Service, Order Packing, Processing & Shipping

Lyle P. - Boss Man, Creator of The Little Book Big Book Dictionary, The Little 12 N 12 Dictionary, The NA Basic Text Dictionary, and The NA It Works-How and Why Dictionary / Website & Business oversight.

Recovery Shop Proudly Supports:
- Children's Home Society of WV
- Save A Kitty Feral Cat Program, Inc.
- Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #79

Photo is quite a bit dated now. Taken 2012. Still the same building with improvements made.