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New!  Stoicism-The 12 Steps & Free-Range Spirituality
Stoicism-The 12 Steps & Free-Range Spirituality - Paperback Book

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Stoicism-The 12 Steps & FreeRange Spirituality

The author introduces the main theme of the book, which is the connection between Stoicism, the 12 steps, and free-range spirituality. He shares his personal story of addiction and recovery, and how he discovered the common thread that flows through these frameworks. He explains that they all emphasize acceptance, self-awareness, ethical principles, transcendence of ego, and inner transformation. He also clarifies that he is not promoting any specific religion or dogma, but rather a way of living that can help anyone find serenity in sobriety.
The first step of the 12-step program, is admitting powerlessness over addiction and unmanageability of life. He relates this step to the Stoic concept of accepting what is beyond one’s control and focusing on what is within one’s power. He also explores the spiritual aspect of acceptance, and how it can lead to peace and freedom. He provides various quotes and examples from different sources to illustrate the importance and benefits of acceptance. He concludes that acceptance is the foundation for growth and transformation.

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Soft Cover (154 Pages) | Gentry Jones

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