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Red & Black on Gold Tri-Plate
Red and Black - AA Special Anniversary Medallion - 3 Year Medallion Pictured

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Red & Black on Gold Tri-Plate - AA Special Anniversary Medallion

  • Recovery Emporium's Original Design: the "original" Recovery Emporium AA Special Anniversary Medallion.
    The Red & Black on Gold Tri-Plate features the classic circle-triangle logo. The words "To Thine Own Self Be True" line the top of this medallion, while "One Day at a Time" line the bottom. The 3 Legacies of AA are surrounding the circle-triangle logo: Unity, Service, and Recovery. Recovery Emporium, by creating our own medallions, can reduce overhead, shipping costs, etc. allowing you the Recovery Shopper the same high-quality medallions at a lower cost.

  • Size (Medallion): One of the first things that many customers want to know is what size is a medallion. The Red & Black AA Anniversary
    Medallion is 34mm in diameter. At this size, this medallion will fit perfectly in any number of the medallion holders on our website. To see some of these options you may simply click here:
    Medallion Holders and Cases.

    NOTE: The width of this medallion is 3 mm. Standard medallions are closer to 2 mm in size. The Recovery Emporium will be adding new line of 3 mm medallion holders this fall. In the meantime, we ask that you do not purchase the following medallion holders for use with the Red & Black Tri-plate medallion: the Oval Side Load Key Ring, the Brass Medallion Holder Pendant, and/or the Nickel Plated Top Slot Key Ring. The Clear Capsule Medallion Holders will fit, but the cases do not close as tightly as when used with a thinner medallion. If you are concerned about the fit of a medallion in combination with any of the medallion holders featured on our site, then please make a note in the "ORDER NOTES" asking that we test the fit of the medallion before sending out your order.

  • Epoxy Coating: Love the feeling of a sleek and polished coin? Thank the epoxy coating. Many factors go into creating the perfect custom recovery medallion, such as selecting the right finish, display, and color. Whether or not to add a coating is another important decision. These coins are a bit more expensive to make, but they are worth every penny as we continue to work toward producing only the highest quality of medallions. Adding a coating will enhance the 3-D appearance and also leave the medallion feeling smooth and rounded. Many customers enjoy the feeling of an epoxy-coated coin as it rolls between their fingers. The coating provides a protective barrier that will also increase the longevity and durability of the piece.

  • No Minimum Order Requirement: We have no minimum order requirements and we welcome orders of all sizes. We guarantee that your order will receive the same priority treatment no matter if you order 1-$1 medallion or 1 billion -$10 medallions.

  • Shipping & Handling: The Recovery Emporium ships all items within 24-hours of receiving an order. Our store hours are Monday through Friday 9 am - 4 pm. For this reason, orders placed on Friday after 4 pm through Sunday at midnight will be filled on Monday morning upon our arrival at the shop.

  • Carrier Information (USPS): We have a variety of shipping options available. Below is a list of some of the options available for your to select from when making a purchase at the Recovery Emporium - RecoveryShop.com

Choose from one of the following options:

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    NOTE: All domestic orders weighing over 1 lb will be sent via Priority Mail.

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NOTE: While we can guarantee that your order will be shipped from our location within 24-hours; we cannot guarantee what happens once your order leaves our shop. We have all orders that are sent via Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express insured and we provide tracking information for each of these packages.

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If an item is lost or stolen, then please do not hesitate to email (
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