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RE Aluminum AA Anniversary Coins RE Goldine AA Anniversary Medallions

Price: $1.50

Our AA Aluminum Anniversary Coins AA Goldine Anniversary Coins
24 Hours - $ .23 each
All other Aluminum Coins $ .35 each
Serenity Prayer on back in block letters
Colors are shown in order
18 month is now Green
Our Very Own New, Beautiful, Inexpensive Design
RE Goldine AA Anniversary Coins with the Serenity Prayer on Back
RE BRONZE AA Anniversary Medallions RE Plastic AA Anniversary Chips - Style B

Price: $0.20

Our AA Bronze Anniversary Medallions. AA Anniversary Plastic Chips - B
NOW ONLY $ 0.90
1 Year Currently on Back Order

AA Bronze Anniversary Medallions
24 hours through 55 years

Double Wall Triangle with Serenity Prayer in block letters on back.
AA Anniversary Plastic Chips - B
Double Wall Triangle with Serenity Prayer on back